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Welcom to Huygens!

Chris Huygens, more than jewelleries or accessorise it’s the idea of a man that grew up in a small Caribbean island call today the Dominican Republic. Growing up there moulded me and lot of my attitude towards life, but when I moved to the UK at age of 16 my whole world changed.

It was, as if my whole world was turned up side down and everything i new was not longer the same, But there was one thing that always stocked with me. The sense of style that I grew around.

However, let’s talk about the Brand. i know you do not want to hear my whole life story. So, when the idea that i wanted to create a brand of jewelries and Accessories came to my mind. I thought, whom do I want to serve?? cause there are plenty of jewelries and accessorises creators an designers out there.And then I thought, I want to server me!!

The type of individual, who does not have or like to wear a lot of accessories or jewelries, but Appreciate craftsmanship and design. And our Aim and devotions will be placed in build fine quality jewellery & accessories.


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